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April 23

1 Week Out: Scaling The Wall

“Your body will want to quit – your mind will need to convince it not to.” For anyone that has run a marathon, you are likely familiar with “the wall”. When I was training for my first marathon, I remember hitting my 20-milers on Saturday mornings and thinking, “the wall? Pshhht. I’ve definitely got 6.2 […]

April 10

3 Weeks Out: No Finish Line

6 of 7 days this week were spent on business in Tampa, FL. And guess what? I followed my plan exactly and was rewarded with some significant fat loss. No cocktails, no awards banquet carrot cake, no sleeping in and skipping my daily workout. I did it! And now, I am officially done with ALL […]

March 13

7 & 8 Weeks Out: Prep on the Road

Oops! I skipped my post last week due to business travel (sorry, y’all!) but I am back home for a few weeks before I have one more biz trip before the shows. Whew – I forgot how challenging travel is when on prep, especially this close to the show when my food is laser-precise and […]

February 28

9 Weeks Out: Farewell Tour

My entire outlook on competing this spring changed with one piece of news: We’re moving! Yep, that’s right, this week we found out we’re relocating to the east coast this summer. Translation: This prep will be my LAST one with Team Chrome and in the PacNW bodybuilding community. In the blink of an eye, my […]

April 12

3 Weeks Out: On Being A Chromie

Happy Sunday! We’re already 3 & 4 weeks out from the spring shows! Overall, I’m feeling awesome – my diet is on point, my training is still intense and the mirror is strutting her stuff, y’all! Prep life is GOOD! Here’s a recap of my week: Team Chrome: As I sit down and reflect on […]

August 18

Week 7: The Return of Cardio

Wow. I’m sitting on my comfy couch, wrapped in a fuzzy blanket and sipping water from my monstrous, “you must be a body builder”, 2-liter jug and am savoring this moment. I am about to capture a week that turned out to be a major turning point in my competition prep thus far. I treasure […]

May 14

Total Body Cardio

Save time, work harder and build lean muscle while you do your cardio! Step away from the elliptical! If I could go back in time and give my 22-year-old self 1 piece of [fitness] advice it would be just that! Sure, logging 60min a day on an arc trainer felt like an accomplishment (and was great […]