November 02

1 Month Post-Comp

Long time no blog! Wow – 30 days have already passed since my first competition season came to a close. And although the journey to the stage technically ended a month ago, the challenge has continued through the last few weeks as I slowly  reintegrate back into “real” life. From eating foods I haven’t had […]

October 16

Week 13+14: The Results

We did it! As I look back at my post from June 30, the one in which I announced that I had “pulled the trigger” on becoming an NPC competitor, I feel as though I’m gazing down from the very mountaintop I once stood below. I’m sitting here on my couch, re-reading my words from […]

September 21

Week 12: Operation Lean Out

You guys! WE’RE ALMOST THERE! All day, whilst doing chores & errands, I’ve been buzzing around with excitement for this very moment: the opportunity to sit down and write about the incredible week I had! Here ya go: Lean Out!: This was another week of being completely mystified by my body’s ability to transform. My coach […]

September 15

Points of Clarity

If there’s one thing I’ve promised to my readers, its absolute transparency. In my mission to chronicle this journey, I’ve vowed to not leave anything out, no matter how dramatic, emotional or difficult to read. However, I sit here tonight and feel inclined to contextualize and clarify the content of last night’s post, “Low Carb […]

September 14

Week 11: Low Carb Character

The last 7 days have been a roller coaster in every sense of the word. The lows were tear-jerkingly low and the highs euphorically high. Here’s the weekly rundown: Low-Carb Character: On Thursday morning, I woke up in tears. It was 4am and the hunger in my stomach would not let me go back to sleep. […]

September 07

Week 10: The Great Pancake Experiment

I’m proud to say I’ve officially smashed 10 full weeks of comp prep! WOW! If you read last week’s post, you’ll know it was one of the toughest I’ve battled yet. I’m bursting with energy right now to announce: this week was SOOO much better! I’m back and unequivocally better than ever! Here’s how my […]

September 01

Week 9: Pep talks

Week 9. The first half was my usual adrenaline-pumped, “watch me kick my own ass and love it” kind of week. The end of the week, however, brought sudden and spirit-crushing obstacles. Usually my posts can be characterized by positivity and triumph but for the sake of transparency, I won’t hide or leave out the tough parts of this journey. Here’s the […]

August 27

Week 8: Who’s That Girl?

It’s Wednesday and I am JUST now finding a chunk of time to sit down and capture Week 8. Do I still have a major to-do list clawing at my brain right this second? Yes. But I needed to make this post a priority. I simply refuse to let a week pass me by without at least checking in. This process […]

August 18

Week 7: The Return of Cardio

Wow. I’m sitting on my comfy couch, wrapped in a fuzzy blanket and sipping water from my monstrous, “you must be a body builder”, 2-liter jug and am savoring this moment. I am about to capture a week that turned out to be a major turning point in my competition prep thus far. I treasure […]

August 12

Week 6: Behind the Bikini

Instead of my normal weekly bulleted recap, I thought I’d share a game-changing observation I’ve made since my very first week of joining Team Chrome and formally preparing for my first competition season. Ladies, picture this: you’re standing in a bright, mirror-lined section of your local gym in nothing but a border-line thong bikini and clear […]