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April 26

1 Week Out: Peak Week!

1 week (well, actually 5 days) out!! Last go ’round, I published daily video check-ins in lieu of blog entries to keep everyone in the loop. I’ve decided to keep the tradition going; here’s my first video check in of Season 2!

April 19

2 Weeks Out: Tiny Wins

The days are racing by – I can’t believe we’re here already! My week: Tiny Wins: I came across a quote this week that really resonated with me: “Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other,” (Walter Elliot).  Think about that for a second. Thousands of tiny wins. Every day. […]

April 08

Round Two: 4 weeks out

Welp, I think its fair to say I’ve been in blogosphere hibernation. Like, my last post was in November?! Yikes! The good news is, spring has sprung, folks! Yep, jumping back on the blogging wagon in an effort to capture the ins and outs, highs and lows of my second season of competing. You may […]

November 05

Turkey + Sweet Potato Chili

  November calls for one thing: fabulous fall flavors (alliteration much?). That’s right, I’m back in the kitchen and experimenting with new ways to transform autumnal comfort foods using clean, fresh, high quality ingredients. Moving back to the Pacific NW (yay!) has awakened the belly-warming, chili-loving beast in me and today I simply had to […]

September 07

Week 10: The Great Pancake Experiment

I’m proud to say I’ve officially smashed 10 full weeks of comp prep! WOW! If you read last week’s post, you’ll know it was one of the toughest I’ve battled yet. I’m bursting with energy right now to announce: this week was SOOO much better! I’m back and unequivocally better than ever! Here’s how my […]

September 01

Week 9: Pep talks

Week 9. The first half was my usual adrenaline-pumped, “watch me kick my own ass and love it” kind of week. The end of the week, however, brought sudden and spirit-crushing obstacles. Usually my posts can be characterized by positivity and triumph but for the sake of transparency, I won’t hide or leave out the tough parts of this journey. Here’s the […]

August 05

Week 5: Pizza Revelation

Week 5 is under my belt! Here’s the scoop: What Pizza Taught Me: Eating super duper clean every single day for several weeks in a row can really mess with your head. It makes me crave things I normally can resist without batting an eyelash. Just knowing I can’t even have a bite makes me covet said bite even more, which leads […]

July 22

Week 3: Silverlinings

Week 3 Complete! Although a day late (oops!), here’s my update from the last 7 days: Oatmeal is back! OK, that’s a really strange bullet point, I know, but hear me out. My nutrition plan changes weekly, constantly switching up all of the foods I’m eating. What might be my go-to protein or carb source one week may […]

July 15

Week 2: Meal Prep Mania

Week 2 Stats: Weight: 126lbs (Total change: 0) Body Fat: 14% (Total change: -1%) Lean Mass in lbs: 108.4 (Total change: +1.3lbs) Body fat in lbs: 17.6 (Total change: -1.3lbs) The second week of comp prep is under my belt and I’m happy to report that I’m already seeing noticeable changes both in my body […]

June 30

My First Figure Competition

I pulled the trigger! I’m currently preparing for my first figure competition in September! Why did I choose to compete? I crave new and intense challenges. In every context, from academics to my career, I refuse to be complacent. I’m always on the hunt for a new way to push myself further than I could have […]