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May 14

The Results!

Its been one week since the Spring 2016 season wrapped up and the whirlwind of excitement has finally calmed down enough for me to sit down and capture the end of the season.  Where to even begin? If you’ve been following along on social media (IG: @shestrongorg), you’ve already been bombarded with my bikini/trophy spam. […]

April 17

2 Weeks Out: Polish & Gratitude

“This is my favorite part of prep,” – a phrase I’ve found myself repeating on almost a daily basis this week. And I really mean it! Why? We’ve reached the point where months of discipline, sacrifice, struggle, dripping sweat, flowing tears, and unrelenting mind over body strength all come to a head. These last few days […]

April 10

3 Weeks Out: No Finish Line

6 of 7 days this week were spent on business in Tampa, FL. And guess what? I followed my plan exactly and was rewarded with some significant fat loss. No cocktails, no awards banquet carrot cake, no sleeping in and skipping my daily workout. I did it! And now, I am officially done with ALL […]

April 03

4 Weeks Out: Competition Month!

Prep in a Zip-Loc Bag: I’m currently writing from the sky, on my flight to Tampa for work this week (last trip during prep – woohoo!)  Every April, we have our annual sales kick-off event in Florida and last year was a doozy because it was just 2 weeks out from stage day. Thankfully, this […]

March 25

5 Weeks Out: Munchies & Sparkles

Before I dive into my usual ramblings about food and bikinis, I want to thank each and every one of you who took the time to send me a a note of kindness & support after my post last week. This week has been a continuation of grief and struggle but the love that has […]

March 19

6 Weeks Out: Digging Deep

There’s no other way to start: this was an excruciating week.  I debated whether or not to even  write my regular blog entry because my head is somewhere else. But I’ve made a commitment to myself, at the very least, to journal this season. And so, here I am on Saturday night, on my couch, […]

March 13

7 & 8 Weeks Out: Prep on the Road

Oops! I skipped my post last week due to business travel (sorry, y’all!) but I am back home for a few weeks before I have one more biz trip before the shows. Whew – I forgot how challenging travel is when on prep, especially this close to the show when my food is laser-precise and […]

February 21

10 Weeks Out: The Wonder Twins

I allocate most of my blog real estate to the worlds of bikini and figure. But when I compete, I am lucky enough to be on stage in 3 events, not just 2. Enter: Mixed Pairs. Traditionally, Mixed Pairs entails a male and female duo performing a 90-second routine in which they mash up a variety of […]

February 13

11 Weeks Out: On Weight, Faith + Chicken

My pants got a little tighter this week. One of the misconceptions I had before becoming a competitor was that preparing for a show would require me to lose weight and feel tighter every single week on a gradual path to becoming teeny tiny.  And reversely, gaining weight would be a sign of  complete failure […]

April 29

3 Days Out: Video

Almost there! The week is flying by and I am so, SO excited to step on stage! Here’s my 3 days out video update: