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February 13

11 Weeks Out: On Weight, Faith + Chicken

My pants got a little tighter this week. One of the misconceptions I had before becoming a competitor was that preparing for a show would require me to lose weight and feel tighter every single week on a gradual path to becoming teeny tiny.  And reversely, gaining weight would be a sign of  complete failure […]

February 06

12 Weeks Out: Reinvention

If there’s one thing I’m not, its complacent. From my career to late-night trolling through edX courses, I always have my next move in the crosshairs, hunting with a permit that never expires.  Its just in my blood. But this week, I found myself, well, not being myself. I was showing signs of being a little […]

January 31

13 Weeks Out: Round 3

Knock knock! Lets just skip the whole “who’s there” back and forth and cut to the chase: It’s competition season, y’all! That’s right! After an 8 month sabbatical, I’m thrilled to be back at it! And unlike last year, I am determined to be more disciplined about writing each week, sharing in the details of what […]

April 29

3 Days Out: Video

Almost there! The week is flying by and I am so, SO excited to step on stage! Here’s my 3 days out video update:

April 29

4 Days Out: Video

Oops! I meant to post this on the blog on Monday. Anywho, here’s my 4 days out check-in!

April 26

1 Week Out: Peak Week!

1 week (well, actually 5 days) out!! Last go ’round, I published daily video check-ins in lieu of blog entries to keep everyone in the loop. I’ve decided to keep the tradition going; here’s my first video check in of Season 2!

April 19

2 Weeks Out: Tiny Wins

The days are racing by – I can’t believe we’re here already! My week: Tiny Wins: I came across a quote this week that really resonated with me: “Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other,” (Walter Elliot).  Think about that for a second. Thousands of tiny wins. Every day. […]

April 12

3 Weeks Out: On Being A Chromie

Happy Sunday! We’re already 3 & 4 weeks out from the spring shows! Overall, I’m feeling awesome – my diet is on point, my training is still intense and the mirror is strutting her stuff, y’all! Prep life is GOOD! Here’s a recap of my week: Team Chrome: As I sit down and reflect on […]

April 08

Round Two: 4 weeks out

Welp, I think its fair to say I’ve been in blogosphere hibernation. Like, my last post was in November?! Yikes! The good news is, spring has sprung, folks! Yep, jumping back on the blogging wagon in an effort to capture the ins and outs, highs and lows of my second season of competing. You may […]

November 05

Turkey + Sweet Potato Chili

  November calls for one thing: fabulous fall flavors (alliteration much?). That’s right, I’m back in the kitchen and experimenting with new ways to transform autumnal comfort foods using clean, fresh, high quality ingredients. Moving back to the Pacific NW (yay!) has awakened the belly-warming, chili-loving beast in me and today I simply had to […]