P1030355I’m Danielle and I am the creator of SHESTRONG.

In April 2013 – with both elation and anxiety stirring in my stomach – I took a leap and created SHESTRONG. Why? It all started when I made a major life change…

Although I’ve always been athletic and healthy, I found myself hungry, frustrated and stuck on a treadmill (literally!). I just wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. So, with the help of my trainer, Nicole, I started lifting heavy, using food as fuel, and maintained discipline. The results took care of themselves. Not only did I feel better about myself and develop a new level of confidence, but also people started noticing! They were asking the age-old question: “How did you do that?!”  As the Facebook messages and phone calls came pouring in, I felt that I should document experiences, lessons learned, and help facilitate a conversation that isn’t being had today. I decided to create a public forum for sharing all of the juicy morsels of knowledge I’d picked up along the way. And thus, SHESTRONG was born!

So there’s a million blogs out there that talk about fitness & nutrition; what makes SHESTRONG different? Simple. SHESTRONG brings about balance, realism. The world is full of noise, advertisements, and false expectations of what a woman should be. In my view, however, there are three key principles that can help motivate, energize, and focus on what’s important:

1. I respect women who encourage other women. How many times have I felt negative energy by comparing myself to another woman or envying her success in fitness, her career, or life in general? I can’t tell you an exact number: I can’t count that high. Pop culture can be a dark hole of superficiality and I know from experience how easy it is to be sucked into the “am I thin enough?” game. I can also tell you from experience how over-the-moon incredible it feels to encourage and be encouraged by other women no matter what size, shape or color we come in.

2. Women should celebrate STRENGTH! Yes, at first glance, this site is full of fitness tips & tricks but underneath the “gym selfies” and recipes is a spirit of empowerment, motivation and unbreakable confidence. Never in my life have I felt more capable and confidant – and it extends far, FAR beyond the gym.

3. Celebrate the success of others because it generates positivity for all of us. Right? Right!

Sound good? Follow me for training videos, lean & clean recipes and tips and tricks I learn along the way!

Note: I’m not, in any way, a professional fitness or nutrition giver of advice – sweat and eat at your own risk!