3 Weeks Out: No Finish Line

6 of 7 days this week were spent on business in Tampa, FL. And guess what? I followed my plan exactly and was rewarded with some significant fat loss. No cocktails, no awards banquet carrot cake, no sleeping in and skipping my daily workout. I did it! And now, I am officially done with ALL travel, both professional and personal, for the rest of this prep season. Woohoo! While I’m certainly thankful for the flexibility of my coach and diet to permit me to operate remotely when required, being home and having complete control over how I train and how I eat makes life SO much more enjoyable. So there, I did it!

So, whatcha doin’ on May 8th? One of the aggregate questions I received repeatedly this week was. “What are you going to eat when you’re done?”/ “What food do you miss the most?”/”Are you going to just, like, party like crazy when you’re done?”  My answer to these questions now is so different compared to what it was the first time. It’s a two-parter:

  1. Going “bananas” after a show is a sure-fire way to reverse all of your hard work, gain a lot of weight really fast, and feel really crappy. Trust me, I had a small taste of this after my first show. Although I didn’t go off the deep end, I didn’t have the discipline to allow my body to slowly adjust back to “real life”. For me, all it takes is doing that once to never do it again.
  2. My brain isn’t thinking that way. While the premise of this entire blog is a “_ weeks out” countdown, I’m not entirely thinking that way. Honest! This has truly become my lifestyle. Will I go out to dinner, eat with more flexibility and NOT pack my food when I travel? Of course! But 80-90% of the time, I’ll be doing just about what I’m doing today. Why? I really do love it. I love how I feel, mentally and physically. As long as I return to a healthy state of homeostasis, why would I deny myself that?  So when I reference the stage, I fully acknowledge that it is NOT the finish line.

Cardio Merry-Go-Round:  For someone that doesn’t do a whole lot of cardio anymore, I’ve been doing it daily for a couple of weeks and admittedly, hit a bit of a rut this week. I just get so bored so quickly! Rather than settling for daily dreadmill misery, I’ve made a point to switch it up, trying not to do the same thing 2 days in a row. The last thing I want is to half-ass my cardio because I’m a grumpy pants. And to my delight, I’ve found that I actually feel excited to get my cardio in every day that I try something new. Here’s a few examples of what I did this week:

  • Running: sprint intervals (either outside or on the treadmill)
  • Running: hill sprint intervals. There’s a goliath of a dirt road hill near my house that I regularly kicks my tail
  • Stairmill: My #2 man. Again, intervals! I tend to get bored on machines so I switch up the length and intensity of my intervals in 10min segments. For instance, do 90sec high/90sec low for the first 10min, then 60s/60s for 10min, then 30s/30s for 10min.
  • Cardio circuit: Pick 5 heart-rate pumping stations. On Saturday, I picked sled push, jump rope, box jumps, battle ropes, up-and-over jumps on a Bosu. Do each one for 1min, jog for 30seconds in between each.
  • Trail running: The weather was heavenly today and I simply could not justify doing my cardio on a machine. So I drove a whopping 10min to a nearby park on the river (PNW perks!) and ran a my-heartbeat-is-on-fire pace on the trails. I forgot how hard the ups and downs of trails are. If the weather holds out this week, I’ll definitely be back!

Alright, here’s this week’s stats:

  • Weight:123.0 lbs (down 1.6 from last week)
  • Training: 4x week (on my own this week due to travel)
  • Cardio: 30min of hard cardio every day
  • Mood Rating(1-10, 10=BAMF): 9 – To put it bluntly, I killed it this week! My workouts were on point. My cardio was super intense. I felt really energetic all week long. My diet was delicious and although low calorie, it was very manageable. But the real kicker is how lean I am! I woke up every day this week feeling leaner than the day before (pardon all the selfies!). I’m really quite beside myself with how lean I am already – I’m definitely already tighter than I was on stage last week and I still have 3 weeks to go! When I got home on Friday, I went straight to the gym for a leg day session and some posing. And holy cow – seeing myself in a suit after 7 days of being away was really striking! BEST. PREP. EVER!

Welp, that’s a wrap for this week. No more travel! I get to spend the next 3 weeks laser-focused on the challenge at hand. And I am SO excited to kick ass every day!

3 weeks out