5 Weeks Out: Munchies & Sparkles

Before I dive into my usual ramblings about food and bikinis, I want to thank each and every one of you who took the time to send me a a note of kindness & support after my post last week. This week has been a continuation of grief and struggle but the love that has enveloped my family in the last few days is treasured by all of us.

Here’s my lighter musings from the week:

Leave Me Alone, Munchies:  Aw yes, I’ve reached that part of prep where the food gets just plain stupid hard. “Wait,” you’re thinking, “hasn’t  it been hard for, like, 2 months already?” Yea, it has. But this is the different kind of hard. The next level of hard. This is the part where you have to fight yourself; the part where you really start to ask yourself: why am I doing this? The pendulum of energy starts to swing in the opposite direction. And to no surprise, to get stage lean, you have to start flipping that calorie ratio. You have to drop the intake. And while I am on a very slow, safe, progressively leaning out plan, after several weeks, it starts to get to you. For me, there’s really 2 times each day that get to me: 1) first thing in the morning when I coach myself to get out of my warm bed and lace up my running shoes (enviously glancing over at my fast-asleep husband as I close the bedroom door) and 2) that 1-2 hours before bed when I’ve already eaten all of my food for the day and my TV-snacking habit starts gnawing at me. Like, “hey girl, you know what pairs really well with Quantico? Popcorn/ice cream/cereal/bagels&creamcheese (yes, really).”  And I’m not even that hungry!  Grr!!! Sometimes I sip Moroccan mint tea. Sometimes I just give up and go to bed early. Next week, I’m going to try a new tactic (reading!) to see if that helps suppress the trigger.

It’s all part of the game, though, and I’ve got a couple seasons under my belt now so I have the memories available to dangle as a (chocolate) carrot on a string over my head to keep me pushing forward. But if this is your first season, know that every moment of physical discomfort, every ounce of fatigue and every tear shed from Food Network propaganda is part of the process. Focus on one day at a time. Hell, one task at a time if you have to. Whatever you do, don’t let it break you. Just like those last agonizing few reps of every set are the ones that make the difference, its the choices you make in the most vulnerable moments of weakness that matter, that make that difference. And I promise you, if you stick with it, you will walk on stage feeling like you did your very best, like you left nothing on the table. And trophy or no trophy, that high, that sense of accomplishment, is the prize you are fighting for.

Hey, Sparkles!: In other news, my new figure suit arrived last week! Whee!  Getting a new suit (while expensive as all hell!) is like Christmas morning for competitors.suit Instead of stockings filled with goodies, we get sparkles! (haha, I think I giggled up a little vomit watching myself write that ).  The minute mine arrived at my doorstep, I ran upstairs to try it on, squealing like a little Santa-crazed kiddo. It was even more bedazzly (yea, that’s kind of a word) than I anticipated. And I got this one made completely custom, so I had no idea what the 3-color combo was going to look like together (and to be honest, I was a little nervous if my shot-in-the-dark palette choice was going to be fab or flop.). But it is my favorite suit yet! While I’m saving the reveal of the color combo until stage day, I will say that I’ve never worn any of these 3 colors on stage before (which, I guess, doesn’t rule out much since I’ve only really worn purple and white – ha!) But I can’t wait to show it off!

Lastly, here’s this week’s stats:

  • Weight: 123.4 lbs (down 1.2 from last week)
  • Training: 3-4x week with my coach
  • Cardio: 30min of evening cardio every day plus another 30min of fasted morning cardio for 3 days of the week
  • Mood Rating (1-10, 10=BAMF): 6 – Every day this week has been a mental battle to just keep swimming, if you will, but I’m seeing ab-tastic results and suddenly I’m being rewarded for the last 9 weeks of hard work!