7 & 8 Weeks Out: Prep on the Road

Oops! I skipped my post last week due to business travel (sorry, y’all!) but I am back home for a few weeks before I have one more biz trip before the shows. Whew – I forgot how challenging travel is when on prep, especially this close to the show when my food is laser-precise and my time in the gym is ramped up. Leaving the comfort & control of my own kitchen for a week means I have to spend a few hours before I leave cooking, weighing, zip-lock bagging and color coding my meals for the journey. Lucky for me, I was in Orlando and had access to Whole Foods which is a rockstar for ready-to-eat clean food. Translation: I only had to bring about 1-2 days of food with me and could buy the rest when I got there. I stocked up on pre-made rice (no oil!), veggies, hard-boiled eggs and chunky peanut butter. Next, I moseyed over to the deli to order their amazing grilled rosemary chicken breasts. The friendly but unsuspecting young lady behind the counter asked what she could help me with. I, pointing to the mountain of herb-charred chicken, replied,  “I’ll take ALL of those.” Her: [errrrr, what?]. AND then, she had to go in the back and get me more because it wasn’t enough. I walked away with 5lbs of it in a large silver catering container valuing $76.   No excuses, right?

Also this week: Pancake Refeed!! Woohoo! After 30min of Sunday morning sprints, I went out to a little diner in Orlando and enjoyed some fluffy, buttermilk blueberry pancakes with (fake) syrup (meanwhile in New England, my Dad is shaking his maple-loving head).  I only managed to eat about 1/3 of the massive plate-size cakes but they did the trick. The next morning I sent a pic of my Michelin man muscles (not shown) to my coach and we agreed pancakes are still my jam.

The rest of the week consisted of the normal challenges of travel on prep. Eating out of my plastic bags in between meetings, sipping sparkling water with lime with my colleagues at the bars, waking up extra early to get my training in before the day kicked off and joyfully snacking on green beans like french fries 10,000 feet in the sky. All in all, I’m kinda a pro at this now and don’t find it nearly as challenging as I did the first time. One more biz trip to go before the shows and then I’m done!


Alright, here’s this week’s stats:

  • Weight: 124.6 lbs (down 2.2lbs from Feb 28). Travel always makes me nervous about water retention but I did pretty damn good!
  • Training: 3-4x week with my coach
  • Cardio: 30min of morning cardio, 4x per week plus 15min spin after weight training
  • Mood Rating (1-10, 10=BAMF): 6 Although I feel very positive and focused, the lower calories and increased cardio (not to mention exhausting travel week) is starting to take a toll. One of the biggest pieces of feedback the judges gave me last spring was that I would have placed higher had I been a bit more lean, especially in my lower body. So, naturally, this year we are focusing on getting me leaner. And no surprise, that means prep is going to be harder, more taxing for a longer period of time as I slowly melt away the remaining fat I have on my frame.  Is it unbearable? Not at all; I feel very much in control. But it does require a level of mental focus that pushes the envelope all day long, and some days are harder than others. On the positive side, I am seeing INSANE results already. I feel like in just 1 week, my body has virtually vaporized a considerable amount of fluff. Now THAT is exciting!

On to the next week! We’re just about at the half way point!7 Weeks Out