9 Weeks Out: Farewell Tour

My entire outlook on competing this spring changed with one piece of news: We’re moving! Yep, that’s right, this week we found out we’re relocating to the east coast this summer. Translation: This prep will be my LAST one with Team Chrome and in the PacNW bodybuilding community. In the blink of an eye, my intentions and motivation for this season have intensified 10-fold. I feel an avalanche of realization that this is my “farewell tour” of sorts to my Chrome family – the family that has changed the way in which I view the world in just 2 lightning-speed years. As I count down each week to the stage, in parallel, I’m also counting down the weeks until goodbye. [Wow. I’m still taking that in.]  I’m certainly no stranger to moving somewhere no one knows my name and falling in love with a community only to pick up and hit the road a few years later. The nomadic nature of our careers have had us on this merry-go-round for 8 years already with no intentions of slowing down. So while its not new for us, my lust for new adventure certainly doesn’t overshadow my heartbreak for closing chapters and saying goodbye. And in the case of Chrome, that heartbreak runs deep. It’s not just about bidding farewell to the friends I have here – which on its own is tough – it’s about honoring the net growth I’ve been gifted as a result of knowing them. The difference between who I was when I moved here and who I am today is palpable. I see it in the physical feats of strength my body has earned the ability to perform. I see it in the mental stamina I’ve built by pushing the envelope of willpower day-in and day-out for 2 years. But most importantly, I feel it in the shift in how I view my body: from being an outward projection to the world to being my sacred possession, an extension and celebration of my core.  I came to Chrome for help with checking off my bucket list goal of doing 1 competition, and now I am leaving Chrome truly transformed.

So with that, these next 10 weeks of comp prep have new meaning. It’s the final countdown, if you will (you just whisper-sang the chorus with me, right? High-five!). Every day counts. Every week matters. Every rep, every bite, every posing practice, every exertion of energy in this process has an incremental impact on how I will ultimately look back and remember my last competition season with my very first team. I only mildly intend for that to be hyperbolic –  while admittedly dramatic, I really do feel that way. I really feel that dedicated in my heart and mind to kick the ass out of this last opportunity. I’m going to honor my love and respect for my coach and this team with intensity and intention.

OK, let’s change the subject before I need to resort to Kleenex: here’s this week’s stats:

  • Weight: 126.8 lbs (up 1.3lbs from last week)
  • Training: 3-4x week with my coach
  • Cardio: 20min, 3x per week.
  • Mood Rating (1-10, 10=BAMF): 6 – As one might infer, this week was quite an emotional balance of excitement for a new journey and sadness for sunsetting a chapter in my life that I cherish. But my determination to make this the best season yet keeps my chin up and my fire burning.

Only 2 months away – bring on March!

  • 9 Weeks out