10 Weeks Out: The Wonder Twins

I allocate most of my blog real estate to the worlds of bikini and figure. But when I compete, I am lucky enough to be on stage in 3 events, not just 2. Enter: Mixed Pairs. Traditionally, Mixed Pairs entails a male and female duo performing a 90-second routine in which they mash up a variety of traditional body building poses with a few smooth transitions. Pretty simple, right? Well, my partner, Chris, and I have put our own little twist on it, turning our routine into a mini amateur cirque de soleil of strength.  OK, mixed pairsDad, this is the part where you remind me that I could barely do a proper cartwheel as a teenager. Flexibility & grace weren’t exactly terms one would have used to describe me at ANY point in my life. So who would have thought I’d be on stage doing, um, whatever that human teeter-totter move is in the picture to the right? Certainly not me (or my Dad!)! But with years of building core strength and having a rockstar partner that likes to push the envelope, I’ve discovered a new respect and awe for my body and what it can do.

So on top of my weekly posing sessions for figure and bikini, Chris & I have been spending hours working on our new moves for the spring shows. LOTS of trial, error, and me raising eyebrows like, “uhhhh, you think we can do what?!?” I have to say, though, that this event is my absolute favorite out of all 3 that I do. We are both complete stage hams and just absorb the energy of the crowd while we’re performing. We’re really good at putting on a show that makes the crowd hold their breath and then erupt in applause. We’ve been coined “The Wonder Twins” by those who love us – and that’s a pretty darn good way to describe it. And on top of that, we are SO blessed to have killer spouses that are so supportive of what we do. Now, we are tasked with upping our game from last year’s Emerald Cup 1st place routine. And I think we’re going to kill it – just WAIT until you see what we’ve been working on!

Now, here’s this week’s stats!:

  • Weight: 125.5 lbs (down 4.5 lbs from last week)
  • Training: 3-4x week with my coach
  • Cardio: 20min, 3x per week. (up from 15min, 3x week)
  • Mood Rating (1-10, 10=BAMF): 7 – you might be able to tell from my weight loss this week that my calories have started to drop. Although it was only a gradual drop, this week was a little tougher in the full belly department, especially since last week was super high calorie. But I’m still feeling really good. Plenty of energy for workouts and the day’s demands. Come to think of it, one of the toughest moments this week was the shopping cart traffic jam on my weekly Costco run. Of course, it happened right in the bakery near the fresh pastries. There I was, trapped in an aromatic cloud of warm butter, cinnamon and honey. Road rage? Try “keep it movin’, lady” cart rage!  Why the hell do they keep the chicken breasts so close to the cake anyway?

On to the last week in February! Emerald Cup is just over 2 months away!

10 weeks out