11 Weeks Out: On Weight, Faith + Chicken

My pants got a little tighter this week. One of the misconceptions I had before becoming a competitor was that preparing for a show would require me to lose weight and feel tighter every single week on a gradual path to becoming teeny tiny.  And reversely, gaining weight would be a sign of  complete failure – especially only a few months out from a show.   This week, not only did the scale go up a few pounds but I look and feel considerably more bloated and puffy. You: “OK, so, what’s the big deal?” Why am I telling you this? Because one of the most critical lessons I’ve learned about competing is to trust the process despite what your instincts might be fighting for you to believe.  Because this isn’t my first time, I’m not phased one bit by my weight gain (full disclosure: the Danielle of 2 years ago would have not handled this so, well, gracefully). I know from experience that this fluctuation is part of the methodology of leaning out in a safe, controlled manner. But if you are currently on your first journey to the stage, and you’ve experienced something similar, don’t worry – its normal! As long as you have a coach with proven results (ahem, Team Chrome plug!), and you are following your plans, you have nothing to worry about. Period.

In otheinstar news, my husband treated to me to a life-saving meal prep tool: The InstaPot! I have to note that I am NOT a fan of crockpots/slow cookers ( I find the texture of dishes prepared in these appliances to be simply unpalatable). But the InstaPot is a gamechanger. Why? I’m sure it makes dozens of lovely things, but for me, it makes the most tender pulled chicken in the universe. I can throw in 4 chicken breasts, whatever seasoning I want and then 4 hours later, I’m set to open my own street taco stand. Yes – THAT good!  There’s my enchilada chicken on the left (errrr, now I want to eat the whole bowl). So even if you’re not training for a competition but would love a fool-proof way to make killer poultry – voila!



With that, here’s his week’s stats:

  • Weight: 130lbs (up 2 lbs)
  • Training: 3-4x week with my coach
  • Cardio: Only 15min, 3x per week.
  • Mood Rating (1-10, 10=BAMF): 8 – pretty good still! Really loving my high calorie diet (bunless burgers, roasted potatoes and chocolate blueberry peanut butter shakes before bed every day!) Plus, I have tons of energy to kick ass in the gym!

My progress photos this week:

11 weeks out