13 Weeks Out: Round 3

Knock knock! Lets just skip the whole “who’s there” back and forth and cut to the chase: It’s competition season, y’all! That’s right! After an 8 month sabbatical, I’m thrilled to be back at it! And unlike last year, I am determined to be more disciplined about writing each week, sharing in the details of what its like to walk the “yellow brick road” of sorts to the stage.

So: where to start? I’ve been digging deep into my brain trying to think of what will make this season’s writings newsworthy, unique, interesting. What is it about this process that’s the most compelling to observe and share? The first thing that pops into my mind is the VISUAL experience: watching yourself transform from start to finish. And while I’m certainly no stranger to selfies, its a little scary to share those “early” photos in real-time. But because I think transparency is worth it, this go ’round, I’m going to take weekly progress photos from from the very beginning, in the same poses, without filters, Insta-tans or gimics. Also, I’m going to share brief bullets of metrics to further capture the week-to-week details. Ultimately, my aim is to give any curious minds a window into the world of competing.

This week (the starting point!):

  • Weight: 128lbs.
  • Body fat? (yeesh, I don’t know!) Probably somewhere in the mid teens
  • Training: 3-4x week with my coach
  • Cardio: Only 15min, 3x per week. Woohoo!
  • Mood Rating (1-10, 10=BAMF): 7 – pretty darn good! I’m really eager to see how much muscle I’ve put on since my last show in May. For 8 months, I’ve been sitting very comfortably at the body fat % that sends my abs into hibernation but naturally entertains regular injections of bourbon, BBQ ribs and chocolate chip pancakes (yum!). No question, its been worth it! So while I’m excited to peel back the layers to see what I’ve built, the kickoff of my prep meal plan has catalyzed my desire for instant results (and we all know it just doesn’t work that way). One meal at a time, one workout at a time.

Speaking of meals, dinner has called me at least 1,000 times (yea, Adele style) in the last 20min. Here’s to the resurrection of the blog and to 13 more weeks of pushing the envelope!