3 Weeks Out: On Being A Chromie

Happy Sunday! We’re already 3 & 4 weeks out from the spring shows! Overall, I’m feeling awesome – my diet is on point, my training is still intense and the mirror is strutting her stuff, y’all! Prep life is GOOD! Here’s a recap of my week:

  • Team Chrome: As I sit down and reflect on my week, scrolling my brain for inspiration, one topic simply shines brighter in my mind than any other: my team. While this is such a “me-centric” sport, the joy and anticipation I feel as the stage nears is not just for me but for each and every one of the fabulous men and women that I share this journey with. I am SO happy I’m not on this journey alone; being on a team in preparation for this sport can pay some serious morale dividends. But even more so, I am so thankful to be on Team Chrome. I’ve talked about this before: my teammates push me, compassionately pick me up on the tough days and unequivocally and genuinely celebrate my progress with me. But there’s just something about the energy at Chrome – I can walk in after a stressful, grumpy, “is there a rain cloud over my head?” kind of day and without fail, I always leave feeling worlds better. And I can’t give all the credit to exercise-induced endorphins because its so much more than that. A smile from Paula. A long, heart-felt, locker room chat with Laura. A hug from Andrea. An encouraging word from Ashley, Courtney or Robyn. I could seriously name every single person on my team and tell you how they’ve impacted my success, motivation and value for this team. Each and every week at posing practice I silently smile with pride as I watch each of the women’s transformation unfold before their eyes. Especially for those that are embarking on their first season; watching them blossom and grow is such a joy – and not just in their physical changes! I mean their energy, their demeanor, their confidence all change each week. Ahhhh – I love it! Gives me butterflies in my stomach when I think about what it will feel like to watch them sparkle and shine on that stage. I know what its like to be a first time competitor: to doubt yourself, to wonder what your “final product” will be, to struggle through the incredible discipline and focus that this sport demands. But as a newly “seasoned” competitor, I look at them with mama bird eyes and savor this sweet secret: they have no idea how magical they will be. 🙂
  • Cardio Train: Choo Choo! Yea, I’m on the cardio train. And when I say train, I mean like, the Little Engine That Could. What I’m doing now is a mere tiny fraction of what the old me used to do. It still makes me giggle when I think about how different my frame of mind is now when it comes to fitness and how to get the body I want. I know, I know. Broken record. But week in and week out, I see little reminders every day. Oh and hey, train jokes, anyone? Check my caboose! Next stop, Shredded! OK – that’s all I got.

Okey doke – off to another week!

3 weeksout