October 16

Week 13+14: The Results

We did it! As I look back at my post from June 30, the one in which I announced that I had “pulled the trigger” on becoming an NPC competitor, I feel as though I’m gazing down from the very mountaintop I once stood below. I’m sitting here on my couch, re-reading my words from 14 weeks ago and digesting the impact of what this journey has been. To steal a term from my real day job in the tech industry (nerd alert!), this was the ultimate Proof of Concept for a how to achieve an aggressive physical transformation in very little time.  In short, a Proof of Concept (POC) is a demonstration, or a real-world application of an idea or theory. How did I craft and execute my POC?

  1. I thought to myself, “I need a change, a big challenge – I want to compete”
  2. I ponied up my $ and signed up for a show
  3. I realized I had 13 weeks until my first stage appearance  (and no time for excuses!)
  4. I hired an expert to craft a detailed plan for me covering all things competition-related from training to nutrition to posing.
  5. I followed the plan EXACTLY. No half-assing workouts, no skipping posing practices, no sneaky bites of off-plan food (except for planned treat meals, of course!).

And what did it get me? On paper, 5 trophies, 1 tiara and one hell of a ripped body. Below the surface? If you’ve read any of my posts during this process you know where I’m going with this; this was so much more than six-pack selfies. My courage and perseverance in fitness simultaneously catalyzed a chain reaction of events in my life since June. I earned a huge promotion in my career, I learned to harness and trust the power of my own mind to overcome obstacles, I gained an uncompromising respect for the woman I have become – a woman of fierce passion and purpose, and I could go on! The point is (and I’ve said this before), the high you get from a sense of accomplishment of this magnitude is the real prize you earn. Our lives fluctuate, our bodies fluctuate (just ask me about post-show water weight!), but the character we can build for ourselves through struggle and triumph is as solid as, well, my glutes (Sorry, I HAD TO!).


So here we go, the Before & After Photos and Stats that have until now been “To Be Determined!”.

My Stats Week 1 Week 14 Change
Height 5’3″ 5’3″ n/a
Weight (lbs) 126 115 -11
Body fat % (7 site caliper) 15% 9% -6%
Lean Mass (lbs) 107.1 104.65 -2.45
Body fat (lbs) 18.9 10.35 -8.55



With that, I thank each and every one of you for following along, for sending me words of encouragement, for inspiring me to push beyond shallow thresholds and for celebrating the sweetness of victory by my side. This process wouldn’t have been half as fulfilling on my own! And the journey is in no way over or complete. SHESTRONG will continue to be OUR channel for sharing struggles, triumphs, tips and encouragement for success in fitness, nutrition and motivation.