Week 8: Who’s That Girl?

It’s Wednesday and I am JUST now finding a chunk of time to sit down and capture Week 8. Do I still have a major to-do list clawing at my brain right this second? Yes. But I needed to make this post a priority. I simply refuse to let a week pass me by without at least checking in. This process is just too important to me. With that, here’s my last 7 days in bullets:

  • Who’s That Girl? I was pleasantly stunned to see the image in the mirror change every single morning this week. Up until now, I’ve seen a noticeable but relatively slow change in my body, mostly through pictures (Oooo, selfies have a purpose!). This week, however, I’d see something new EVERY SINGLE DAY. (Dear parents and siblings and friends, I know I tend to err towards exaggeration but I really mean it this time!). Like so many others, I’ve gone through body changes before. I’ve floated along a spectrum of curvy to really thin (too thin for my frame, actually) but this change is different – I’ve never, EVER seen this in the mirror before. My powerful core lifts my posture like a poised marionette. I suddenly see the coveted “dimple/cavity” sculpted into the sides of my glutes. My shoulders are significantly tighter, wider and rounder, like a real-life action figure. When I look in the mirror, I see my head fastened onto a competitor’s body. Wait. Isn’t this a “DUH” moment? Yep, it is. There’s no mistake that this is exactly what I’ve been working towards for the last 2 months. But everyone looks different on stage; there is no cookie-cutter blueprint of what you will look like in detail or how your body will really develop. So for me, the little nuances of what MY competition-ready body will look like is still a surprise that is unveiling itself daily. And to think, I still have 4 weeks of opportunity to push, grow, shred and lean out into the final stage-ready version of me.
  • Battling for Time: One of the reasons I have fallen behind on my post this week is I have reached a point of fatigue. Time as a resource for me is rapidly dwindling as I balance my competition commitments with a new role I’ve taken on in my career. I’m facing daily decisions regarding priorities, and unfortunately, the blog post on both Monday and Tuesday this week just didn’t make the cut. This week was especially difficult as I added 30min cardio training sessions to every day in addition to my regular training. Below is a snap shot of a typical day:
    • 4:45am: Rise & Shine!
    • 5:00am: Cardio
    • 6:30am: First work meeting of the day
    • 4:00pm: Weight training & stretching
    • 6:00pm: Meal prep, cooking, dishes, etc.
    • 7:30pm: Practice posing
    • 8:00pm: Foam roll & stretching
    • 9:00pm Bed

And I don’t even have kids (cheers to competitor moms – wow!). In terms of time, competing is wayyyyy more than just upping your hours in the gym and watching what you eat. Its 100% a HUGE life, time and mental commitment.

  • SUITS! I know I mentioned it last week but I have both my figure and bikini suits! I’m not revealing the colors of them until the first competition but trust me, they are dreamy and oozing with sparkle. Wearing them at posing practice this week for the first time stopped me in my tracks. First off, although tiny and daunting, these getups really do an impeccable job of showcasing one’s physique – they are super flattering! Like in all areas of fashion, cut is critical and these suits were crafted precisely for show-ready figures. Second, the sparkle and shine, as silly as it sounds, really gives you that boost of confidence, that “wow, I feel special” moment. Although I was an “uhhh, I don’t do dresses” tomboy for most of my childhood, I have to say these outfits delight and dazzle every ounce of the traditional little girl gender role in me. Pretty girl rock.
  • Tilapia in Tow: Everywhere I go, Tilapia follows. Gas station? Tilapia. UPS Store? Tilapia. TMNT Movie in 3D? Tilapia (also in 3D).

And now we are FOUR weeks out! In fact, today marks exactly 1 MONTH out from my first competition! YAY!!

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