August 05

Week 5: Pizza Revelation

Week 5 is under my belt! Here’s the scoop:

  • What Pizza Taught Me: Eating super duper clean every single day for several weeks in a row can really mess with your head. It makes me crave things I normally can resist without batting an eyelash. Just knowing I can’t even have a bite makes me covet said bite even more, which leads to awkward urges to press my nose up against every stupid trendy cupcake shop window in town, whimpering like a pup. This week, my leash was loosened and I reunited with cheesy, pepperoni + sausage pizza (coach’s orders, I swear!). So the days leading up to the planned feast felt much like advent as a kiddo – you know you are just days away from opening your Christmas presents, but dang, won’t time pass any freaking faster?  When the evening finally arrived, I practically drooled all over the menu, picking out the perfect toppings and tried to order as calmly as I could so as not to freak out our sweet, unsuspecting waitress. Fast forward: the pizza came and my eyes must have been twinkling when I took my first bite because my entire family just smiled and watched me. First bite: flavor-explosion, “where have you been all my life?” ecstasy. Second bite: “Is this really happening? Mmmm!” Third bite: “Still tasty, but….”  That’s where I felt something. Yes, econ-heads, the law of diminishing returns applies here. I found that after a few bites in, and my stomach realizing what was happening, the pizza wasn’t all it was cracked up to be in terms of feeding my body what it really wants. That night and into the next day I just felt blah. I couldn’t wait to wake up the next day and get back to my “normal” clean eating.  Its as if my body has adjusted so well to clean eating that it just doesn’t enjoy the junk the way it used to. Or maybe my body never really responded well to those foods, I just didn’t know any better because I didn’t know what it felt like to experience the effects of clean, proper fuel. What pizza taught me? To conquer each and every off-plan craving I have from here on out with the memory of what this experience felt like. I am not only stronger than the temptation, but the perceived reward of the temptation itself is inflated.10552555_722910154428909_7429204974951015711_n
  • “Holy Hammies!”: My coach Brooke took this killer photo of my hamstrings while doing deadlifts on Thursday. Until then, I had no idea that my legs (my improvement area!) had progressed so well and so quickly. Seeing this photo struck a major motivational chord in me. I needed to see this. I needed to see the yields of my discipline and grit. Its so easy to get down and discouraged when the journey gets hard. But after seeing this photo, seeing that this process is actually working in a really big way, I’m reenergized to endure every moment of exhaustion, pain, hunger, failure and doubt. I’m doing this bigger than I’ve ever done it before.

There you have it. We’re 7 weeks out!!