Week 2: Meal Prep Mania

Week 2 Stats:

  • Weight: 126lbs (Total change: 0)
  • Body Fat: 14% (Total change: -1%)
  • Lean Mass in lbs: 108.4 (Total change: +1.3lbs)
  • Body fat in lbs: 17.6 (Total change: -1.3lbs)

The second week of comp prep is under my belt and I’m happy to report that I’m already seeing noticeable changes both in my body metrics above and in what I see in the mirror. While the scale doesn’t report any difference since I started this challenge, my body fat change shows that I have gained a pound of lean muscle and lost a pound of fat (just another example of why the scale isn’t always the tell-all measure of progress). Here’s a brief update on my progress this week:

  • Meal Prep Mania: I think I’ve stumbled upon the most challenging part of competition preparation: controlling your nutrition no matter where you are, what you are doing or who you are with. This week roped in family visiting from out of town and several days of travel on my part which meant spending hours in the kitchen beforehand cooking, measuring and dividing every single meal I would need while either away from home or out and about with the fam  (that’s 6 meals each day!). I brought my Tupperware to restaurants, ate out of Ziploc baggies on a boat and filled a cooler with clean eats & water while we took the family on a 6-stop brewery tour of town (no, I didn’t drink any beer!). Although I’ve been 100% dedicated to following my plan from the start, I underestimated how much I would feel the sting of being the only person not eating or drinking in social situations. My family is awesome and fully supportive but I couldn’t help but find myself feeling like I was impacting the mood of the evening by answering questions with “sorry, I can’t have that” or insisting that they enjoy a bottle of wine despite the glimmer of guilt I could see on their faces. I am so thankful that they respect my decision to stick to my goals and their support is what helped me to conquer temptation all week long!
  • Legs, legs, legs! Brooke & I have been focusing vigorously on my lower body development with the most intense leg training I’ve ever, EVER done. Its seriously tough. I yell/swear/tremble/shake every. single. time. And what keeps me coming back for more is the incredible gains I can visually see in the mirror after just 2 weeks. Here come the quads! I’ve got a long road ahead but I will get there. No excuses and no regrets.
  • Competitor Community Motivation: The grey tank top in the photo below was a gift I received this week after entering a giveaway from Melody Decena, a fellow competitor that I admire for her authentic example of strength, beauty and confidence. After winning the tank, Melody left me several encouraging and affirming comments on my IG photos (@shestrongorg) that spoke volumes to me. And she’s not the first! I am so moved by this community and how positive and uplifting the people are. In moments of doubt, weakness and temptation, even the simplest of words from strangers who have walked this path before can lift my spirits to new heights. After experiencing this sensation from a recipient perspective, I am more inspired and determined than ever to give to others through the SHESTRONG channel.

10.5 weeks out – until next week!