April 26

No Gear Fat-Blasting Workout

Need a killer fat-blasting routine you can do anytime, anywhere? No gear, no problem!

For the last week, I’ve been on the road without my normal access to a gym. Whenever I’m stuck at home or in a subpar hotel “fitness room” (more like walk-in closet with a treadmill from 1985), it can be really tempting to just skip training altogether. Resist the urge! By just getting a little creative, you can crush a serious routine with whatever you may (or may not!) have available. Here’s one of my go-to circuits that never fails! For the sake of time, the video below shows just a few reps of each move but be sure to do 10 of each before moving on.


No Gear Fat-Blasting Workout:

10 – Box Jumps (no box or bench? Try Jump Squats instead!)

10 – 180 degree jumps

10 – Tuck Jumps

10 – Long Jumps (5 out, 5 back)

10 – Burpees (don’t skimp – do the pushup and the jump at the top! Your abs & arms will thank you!)

Rest 30-60 seconds (if needed!)

Using this as a warm up? Do a total of 3 rounds.

Need a calorie-scorching conditioning workout? Set your timer for 20min and perform as many rounds as you can!