January 06

Jump Rope Cardio Circuit

Happy New Year!

Its the first Monday of 2014 and if you’re like most Americans, you’ve probably resolved to improve your health, hit the gym more often and/or eat better this year, likely starting today. I headed to the gym at my normal time this morning expecting it to be more crowded but it wasn’t too bad – maybe that’s because it was 5am?!  If you slept in this morning, carve out 30min this afternoon to ramp up your heart rate and get conditioning! I paired my “I love this song so much I can’t help but dance in public” playlist with this jump rope cardio circuit this morning and man, it was tough but rewarding. Whenever my motivation is a bit lackluster, I focus my thoughts on the high I will feel after I finish a really tough routine – this usually pushes me through to the end. Give it a try!

Warm up: Perform 5min of light cardio of your choice. My favorite is ladder sprints (at 60-70%) paired with some dynamic stretching. When you’re short on time, its tempting to just dive straight into your workout but try not to ignore the importance of warming up. I hit the gym first thing when I wake up in the morning so I especially need that extra boost to get my muscles fired up and my motivation going. Plus, it can help prevent injury and allow you to maximize your intensity



Do the following exercises in order with little to no rest in between. Perform the circuit 3-5x through, resting 30-60 seconds between rounds. (It took me about 10min to complete 1 round, 30min to complete 3).

15 Burpees

2 minutes jump rope

25 pushups

25 jump squats

30 seconds of mountain climbers

2 minutes jump rope

30 plank punches

30 seconds of plank jacks

Rest 30-60 seconds



Bonus: add on a quick ab circuit to finish it off. Try the SunKissed Abs Routine