December 15

Favorite Things: Workout List


1. TRX PUSH-UP TO PIKE: (Chest, arms, abs & core)  This move really does a number on my core with the added bonus of chest & arm engagement. Start in a plank position with you feet in the hooks of a TRX strap. Do a push up and as you come up from the push up, push your booty into the air as high as you can, rounding the back and pulling in the abdominal muscles. Slowly return back down to plank using your abs (this is where they burn the most so make it count!). Repeat.

2. CHIN-UPS & PULL-UPS: (Arms, back & core) A classic but effective move that never ceases to challenge me. If you’re just starting out, try tying a thick resistance band around the bar and putting one knee inside like a swing/sling to help support your body weight while you build strength. On 2-3 days a week, I’ll add a set of either chin ups (shown in picture) or pull-ups (hands facing away from body) to the beginning of that day’s workout to  measure my strength progress. I started at hardly being able to complete one and now I can do 8 unassisted. Each week, I try to break my record. Competing against yourself keeps things fun and interesting!

3. ELEVATED SUMO DEAD LIFT: (Legs & glutes) My #1 favorite move right now for lifting, tightening and sculpting my rear. Grab a heavy kettlebell or dumbbell and 2 boxes/steps/benches of identical height. Stand on the boxes, one foot on each. Hold the KB/DB letting arms be straight and keep a wide stance with your legs, toes pointed slightly outward. Lower into a deep squat (parallel with legs or lower) and squeeze legs and glutes as you slowly come up to standing. I perform 4 sets of 12-15 reps of these very slowly, concentrating on engaging my glutes, 1-2 times per week as a part of my lower body workout. You’ll be sore the next day but the burn really, really works!

4. LADDER SPRINTS: (Conditioning) The ladder is another great tool for switching up your conditioning routine. I use it as either a 10min warm-up before strength training or perform a 20min HIIT routine with it, alternating between maximum intensity periods and rest periods.  Lay the ladder down on a flat surface and make sure you have 20+ yds behind it to add in sprints. Perform whichever moves you like best one time through: high knees, one leg hops, lateral high knees, Ali Shuffles, side shuffles, in-out-in-out, etc. After one completion of the ladder, sprint at 100% 20-30 yds before jogging back and repeating. I blast my music and get really into it!