November 18

Kettlebell Pyramid Workout

I love kettlebells. 70lb_KettlebellWith all of the fancy contraptions you can find in a modern gym, the KB is one of the simplest but most effective tools for powering a total body workout. Just a few sets of the basic KB swing poses a serious challenge to my legs, arms, core and glutes all while making my heart rate soar – so it’s the perfect move when I’m short on time.

I found an ingenious KB pyramid circuit on FitnessRX that’s perfect for squeezing in some serious strength training & cardio in under 30 minutes. The pyramid is designed for you to complete as fast as you can with minimal if no rest at all. I like to time myself and do this once a week to see how fast I can go. This morning I PR’d by completing the whole thing in 18 minutes & 10 seconds (down from 19:20 last week!). I didn’t rest at all between sets which was extremely difficult but worth it!

The workout is 3 simple moves:

-Kettlebell swings 

-Push ups

-Jumps squats

The pyramid starts with 20 reps of each move. Next, do 19 reps of each move, repeating all the way down to 5 reps of each.  (Ex. 20 KB swings > 20 pushups > 20 jump squats > 19 KB swings > 19 pushups > 19 jump squats > 18 KB swings….etc.)


Pick a KB that is slightly lighter than you’d normally do. The high reps & no rest will catch up with you quickly!

Perform as many sets of the pushups as you can on your toes. Once you start to fatigue, you can drop to your knees if needed to maintain proper form.

Really explode on the jump squats to keep you heart rate up!

Form is extremely important when doing KB swings. Use your legs & hips to power your swing (not your back or arms) and squeeze your glutes at the top of the move to really tone and lift your booty.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this routine – it is really hard! Beginners might want to start with a pyramid of 15 each down to 5. Feel free to take breaks if you need it and work your way up to taking no breaks at all.