October 30

Workout Wednesday: The Sled

The Sled.

Ever see this simplistic, almost primitive contraption at your gym before? If you’re like me, you might walk right by this deceptively basic piece of equipment, unknowingly passing up a killer tool for both conditioning and strength training. Its easy to infer that the sled is best intended for oh, say, NFL linemen. Wrong! Once my trainer Nicole introduced me to this devilish gem, I instantly “fell in love” and now use it weekly for the most delightfully brutal gym sessions.20131030-092731.jpg

One of the things I love about this gear is its versatility. Want to blast fat & improve athletic performance? Keep the weights light  – I use two 45lb plates (see photo), but if you’re just starting out, go lighter – and perform sprints with rests a’la HIIT.  For example, I’ll push as fast as I can, down & back, for 30-60 seconds and then rest for 60-120 seconds, and repeat for a 15-20min heart-pumping interval workout.

Need to strength train? Do the same thing but pile on more weight and push slower (not a sprint).  You’ll feel this baby burn  from your calves to your shoulders and every muscle in between.

Give it a shot!