October 16

Turkish Get-Ups

My mega awesome trainer Nicole had me try a new kettle bell move: Turkish Get Ups. These bad boys take a lot of balance, concentration and serious breathing as they challenge every muscle from head to toe!  Add in a couple sets of 8 on each side to your workout (Warning: you might be sore the next day like me!).

What you need: kettle bell

TIP: Keep your extended arm straight, holding the kettle bell above your head the entire time. Keep your eyes on the kettle bell the entire time as well.

To watch the full video of the move done twice through, visit Nicole’s Facebook page here

Start with full body laying down on back, right arm with KB extended perpendicular to the ground, right knee bent and left leg fully extended and resting on ground.


Extend left arm and push onto elbow.

Push up from elbow to full extended arm.


Bring back left leg and tuck underneath body.


Come up on knees, left knee down, right knee up.


Fully extend and stand.


Finish the rep by following all of the steps in reverse order until you are fully laying back on the ground. Repeat for a total of 8 times and then switch arms and do 8 more!