September 24

Jamie Eason LiveFit Trainer

A few weeks ago I found myself getting bored and unsatisfied with my workout routine. I was having a hard time staying as lean as I normally am, partly due to a few weekends of vacation (cocktails, anyone?) and a lackluster fitness regimen that was no longer challenging for my body to produce results. Whenever I find myself at these plateaus (usually a couple times a year) i try not to let it get me down but rather use it to fuel my motivation to try something new. In other words, I search out a new training plan and go after it hard!

Insert the Jamie Eason LiveFit training plan, FREE on bodybuilding.com20130924-104907.jpg

WHO: Jamie Eason is a fitness model/writer that I follow for motivation, tips, etc. her physique is very similar to what I envision for my own goals – so why not follow HER plan?

WHY: I picked this plan because it is very detailed, delighting my type-A, OCD personality that loves to follow precise instructions for what to do, how long to do it, and what to eat. And each day is different so I don’t get bored. Also, it’s free! I have a hard time stomaching the thought of paying a lot for a training plan since I’m already in good shape. But who can argue with free?

WHAT: a 12-week plan containing step by step daily workouts and nutrition guide. The plan is broken into 3 phases:

Phase 1: lift heavy weights, eat clean and cut cardio. Sounds counter intuitive but leaving out the cardio ensures that all of your calories are going towards building lean muscle mass instead of being burned away with running, etc. that being said, following the meal plan is key! If you cheat, those extra calories will start to tack on. Cutting cardio was REALLY hard for me. I found my body essentially craving the high of my usual running route but I told myself to trust the process and stick with the plan. I did gain weight here but it started to work out in my favor during phase 2

Phase 2: still building muscle with lifting 6 days a week but also incorporating medium intensity cardio 4-5x a week to begin to lean out. Meals are really similar to phase 1. I’m currently on week 3 of phase 2 and have loved it! Having cardio back in my life is fabulous! The leaning out is starting to really work and I’m loving the results so far.

Phase 3: lean out! I haven’t made it to this phase yet but it adds in HIIT training (my favorite!) and starts carb cycling to help shed the extra body fat to reveal the hard-earned muscle below.

I still have 6 weeks to go but this plan has already been a dramatic challenge for me. As a competitor at heart, I look forward to waking up every morning and trying to kick my own butt (mentally & physically) by lifting heavier and pushing harder than the split before. It’s exhilarating to feel so strong in spirit and in physical ability. Here’s a photo from this weekend’s AF ball with my husband. I can already see a drastic change in my physique:20130924-103946.jpg

I’ll keep updating as the plan progresses!