August 04

Workout: Stairs Remix

Sunday Runday Remix! I decided I didn’t feel like running my normal Sunday route. I ran it yesterday (and the day before) so I needed a switch up. My trainer Nicole posted this easy to remember (but not so easy to complete!) stair workout earlier this week so I opted for this instead.

Find a large set of stairs (at least 6 floors high). I picked these ones near my house which have 9 flights of stairs:


After a 5min warm up, repeat the following as many times as you can until you reach 45min of stairs (don’t include your 5min warmup!)

Sprint up every step 3X

Sprint up every other step 3X

Sprint up every 3rd step 3X

You can jog or walk down between sets. Cool down after 45min.

This is a tough one but burns major calories while toning your legs so push through it! Think it’s boring? So did I at first but I made a new playlist and sang out loud the whole time which made time fly by! Finished with a sweaty selfie!