July 17

Wednesday Workout: Stairs + Sprints

Oops! Today was one of those “snooze” button days. Ever since the Florida summer heat barreled its way into town in May, I’ve been trying to get in my daily cardio before the sun rises. Normally I’m really good at springing out of bed at 5AM and lacing my sneaks but Nicole’s bootcamp last night was KILLER and my body needed the extra rest. Lucky for me, it was a “cool” afternoon thanks to some thunderstorms so getting in a workout after leaving the office wasn’t so bad after all.

I tested out a new HIIT routine from FitnessRXWomen today that I am simply in love with! Why? It has a lot of changing variables, gets my heart rate soaring, and gets me outside and entertained. I was starting my final set when I looked at my watch and couldn’t believe 40min had already passed! (not to mention the 500 cals I scorched!).  The plan is all about stairs & sprints. The ideal location for completing this is at a track/field location where you have access to bleachers or stairs. I didn’t have that so I used the tall, Rocky-esque stairs at our convention center and did my sprints at the base. Check it out!

photo (9)The Workout:


1/2 mile jog

5min stretch


5x Run up stairs, hitting every step – Jog down and immediately climb again until you’ve completed all 5 runs

Rest 1 minute

5x Run up stairs, hitting every other step – Jog down and immediately climb again until you’ve completed all 5 runs

Rest 1 minute


6x 50YD Back-to-back sprints

Sprint 50 yards and immediately turn around and sprint back to start. This is one set.

Rest 1 minute between sets. Complete all 6


Repeat the following until you complete 2 laps on the track:

20x each leg running high knees. Jog 30 seconds

20x each leg running butt kicks. Jog 30 seconds.

10x each leg high knee skips (think blasting up and bringing your knee to chest like a superhero!). Jog 30 seconds


Repeat the following 3 times (once thru = 1 set). Rest 1min between each set.

Sprint up stairs hitting every step. Quickly run down. (NO REST)

Sprint up stairs hitting ever other step. Quickly run down. (NO REST)

Two-feet hop up stairs hitting every step (this one is tough but worth it!). Quickly run down. That’s 1 set!


Jog until you feel cooled down. Don’t forget to stretch!

This will certainly make you sweaty and get you to torch some serious calories while building muscle. Definitely doing this one again!

photo (10)