July 10

Post-Holiday Slim Down

Whew! If you had as fabulous of a holiday weekend as I did (read: LOTS of yummy but not so figure friendly food), you might be having one of those “back to reality” weeks. I know I certainly am! Although I managed to stay very active on my vacation with running, hiking, tennis and kayaking, I definitely over indulged on some of my favorite treats while visiting family. Pancakes, sausage and ice cream, OH MY! No matter how much exercise I incorporate into my vacations, changing my eating habits always makes my jeans a wee bit tighter.

But fear not! No matter how far you slip off the trail (whether intentional or not), there are always tools available to get back on track. My favorite fool-proof post-holiday plan is from the gals at Tone It Up. If you purchase their nutrition plan (as you probably already know I highly recommend!), you get TWO super-detailed plans for banishing holiday bloat and leaning out. Choose from either their 7 Day Slim Down (7DSD) plan or their 5 Day Slim Down (5DSD) plan. Both plans give you down to the ounce details each day for what and how much to eat and drink and exactly what time of day you should eat them. Plus the plan includes several extra tips and tricks for banishing bloat and leaning out. The plans are pretty challenging but each time I’ve completed one, I’ve always lost the water/fat weight I put on and feel clean and fantastic!  I can’t reveal the details of the plan but you can check it out here for more info.

To give you an idea of what you’ll be eating, here’s what I made for dinner last night:

Grilled Salmon with Spicy Cucumber Mango Salsa


4 salmon filets (4-6oz)

1/2 cup red onion (you can use a little less if you aren’t as keen on onion as I am)

1.5 mangoes peeled & diced (I was going to use 2 mangos, but I ate half of one!)

3/4 cup cucumber, peeled & diced

1 lime, juiced

1 jalepeno, seeded & diced (its hot! use half if you don’t like spicy)

handful of cilantro, chopped

Season the salmon with salt & pepper. Grill until moist & opaque in center.

Mix all other ingredients in a bowl. Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve. The longer it sits in the fridge, the better the flavor!

Makes FOUR servings. I usually make just 1 or 2 filets and use the rest of the mango salsa during the week with other protein like shrimp or chicken.

BONUS: Don’t throw away the cores of your mangoes. Throw them in a pitcher with ice & water and voila: flavored mango water! yum!

No brainer: clean eating is critical to slimming down but you still have to incorporate cardio & toning. Set your alarm clock a little early each morning during the slim down to get in some morning cardio first thing. I did a 35min run with sprints this AM to get my heart pumping. Here are two routines from TIU that I’m going to do this afternoon too:

Jump Rope Cardio 


Glutes & Legs Toning

Visit Malibooty for images and video of the whole routine

Deadlift x15

Kick backs x20 each leg

Squats 10

Fine toning squats x20 ea leg (while in low squat, lift leg to side)

Kneeling leg lift x20 ea leg

Kneeling ham curl & pulse x20 ea leg

Bridge x10

Bridge leg kicks x 20 ea leg

1-legged bridge x 12 ea leg


No matter what you choose to do, pick something you enjoy & blast some of your favorite tunes! You’ll feel GREAT afterwards!