June 26

Whittle Your Middle: Cardio & Abs

Need to switch up your routine?  I’ve been getting a bit bored by my regular running route and so I did these 2 Tone It Up workouts this morning. The cardio routine is only 25-30min but incorporates jump rope to rev your HR while doing strength training moves in between. Also decided to tack on the abs afterwards for added bonus.

Cardio: Tone It Up Wild Child

Wild-Child-Core-Cardio-Workout Challenge yourself and add a weight to the squats (think goblet squat. I used a 30lb kettlebell). I also change up the situps to make them a little harder by hooking one foot underneath a really heavy dumbbell (50lbs or so) to weigh myself down. I start with the right leg bent underneath the weight, left leg extended just inches off the floor. Perform the situp as you pull the left leg into your body (similar to a V-up). This helps me to engage my lower abs which are usually neglected in a regular situp. Do 10 on each leg to complete the 20 situps each round.  DO THE WHOLE ROUTINE 5x through!

Ab routine: Tone It Up Love Your Abs


This is a quick routine but fun. The “Draw Your Heart” and “Downward Dog Tummy Tucks” are my favorite moves. Warning: it burns!

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