May 22

Phresh Out the Runway

Switchin’ gears and talkin’, uh, gear. Ahem, “these are a few of my favorite things!”:

#1 Best Top: lululemon run: swiftly tech racerback tank – $48


I just bought this top a few weeks ago and loved it SO much I rushed back to the store immediately to buy it in several colors. But wait, $48 for a tank top and you bought HOW MANY? Hear me out! I’m normally a cheap-o when it comes to workout tops. I mean, who are we kidding, I’m not exactly one of the cute girls you see walking around the gym like it’s a Nike runway. Here’s the skinny: I don’t know how they make this fabric but it is phenomenal and worth every penny. It absorbs sweat like a sponge but magically dries in an instant – it’s almost as if I’m not sweating at all (which is unheard of for me!) Perfect timing because the Florida summer is upon us and you can’t put a price on breathable, sweat-resistant, keeps-you-dry-and-running-longer clothes. Plus, it comes in a “short cut” version for those of us under 5’5″ – WOO!

#2 Best Running Shorts: Under Armour Get Set Go Short –  $40


Let’s be real, if you have any sort of a booty like I do, shopping for running shorts can be rough. I’m not a big fan of Nike shorts as they tend to tend to restrict my range of motion, not to mention they visually add too much width and make me look frumpy. No good! And a lot of other brands are just too darn short and show wayyy too much skin for my liking. Alas, I stumbled upon these babies at Fit 2 Run and fell in love. I bought them in black with a neon yellow waist band – the printed ones in this pic aren’t as “cute” but you get the idea. What I love? 1. the waistband is super flattering 2. the cut of the short keeps the booty hidden but isn’t so long or wide that it restricts my running and 3. there’s a little pocket on the back for my house key, etc. when I’m on the go. Fabulous!

#3 Best Pant/Crop: lululemon run: pace crop – $86


Another recent purchase that I’m totally digging. I nabbed these in this crazy bright blue print and they are just so rad. The zig-zagging blue lines that weave around the legs are actually really flattering – I’m not sure how this optical illusion came about but its working! The fabric is breathable, thin but not too tight, and the waist band sucks you right in. Can’t wait for the next crazy lulu print these come in because I’ll definitely whip out my credit card.




#4 Best Running Shoe: Saucony Women’s Guide 6 – $110


These babies have been miracle workers for me! I’ve struggled with on-again-off-again pain on the outside of my right knee for a few years when running. When it was time to get a new pair of kicks, I went to Fit 2 Run, had my gait analysis done and found out I was wearing the wrong shoe. The sales guy suggested these and since the first day I hit the pavement with them, the pain has been 100% absent. Great stability and support but still pretty lightweight. And, c’mon, they are neon pink. SOLD!