May 21


After reading my post from yesterday, a friend asked me, “what exactly do for your ‘interval runs’?'” There’s a lot of stuff out there on Pinterest and such – what actually works? Here’s the thing about my workouts, I get bored REALLY easily so I have to switch it up all the time. Below are just a handful of the different High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) routines I’ll do on my cardio days:

#1 Treadmill: the dreaded hampster wheel. I cringe whenever I’m forced to do cardio inside because I have a hard time spending more than 90 seconds on any cardio machine before I’m bored out of my mind. Yesterday, it was 90+ degrees and T-storms so I had no choice but to hop on the lady-mover. To keep myself interested, I did this HIIT workout I nabbed from my trainer, Nicole. It breaks up the workout into chunks of sprints & strength training so you’re never doing the same thing for more than a few min at a time. Works for me! Grab some dumbbells and do it one time through for a quick 30min sesh or, if you’re feeling extra awesome, do it twice! Due to yesterday’s rain, I had no where else to go so I smashed through this 2 times:

hiit#2 Indoor or Outdoor: I love this routine because it’s very similar to the 1st one but doesn’t require any weights so it can be done outside (yay!)  As long as you’re cool with bustin’ out some lunges in public, you’ll love this one (says the girl that planks on Bayshore…)  This routine is from the ladies at Tone It Up and takes me about 40min or so to complete (remember to do it 2 times through!). Do this one today – you won’t be disappointed!

hiit 2

#3 Outdoor Sprints: This is my go-to outdoor HIIT routine. It’s pretty basic – I just made it up one day and I love it because its easy to remember without constantly looking at my phone or a piece of paper for what I’m supposed to do next. Plus, the quick sprints help the time to pass quickly.

5min warm-up jog/slow run

2min Run (speed up! about 70% to get yourself ready to sprint)

Interval: 30 seconds sprint at 95-100%, follow with a 1min jog

Repeat the interval 15 times

2min Run at 70%

5min cool down jog

Hope these help! Get out there and HIIT it!