May 20

Motivation Monday

Wow! Its been several weeks since my last post – I’m slightly embarrassed that I started this project and then fell off the radar completely for almost a month. Yikes! (and apologies to anyone that actually reads this!). Let me briefly sum up my period of absence: the flu, bronchitis, working at 90mph, trip to Tucson, AZ for a wedding and, believe it or not, lots of workouts and clean eating in between. Had to really, REALLY challenge myself mentally to make myself rest for several days but I’m finally back on the ol’ horse.

In celebration, it’s Motivation Monday!  Motivational tip for this week: surround yourself with people that will make you successful. I know, I know. You’ve heard this a million times, its cheesy and one of those “easier said than done” kinda things. Ignoring all of the truth of the previous statement, I still HAVE to encourage the idea because I am 100% indebted to the amazing people in my life.

When I think about what gets me really amped, really eager to perform at my top level when exercising, I always think about my fitness family at Nicole Sturtze Fitness‘s bootcamp. A handful of us meet 2-3 times a week and the positive energy each of us brings to class is ultra-contagious. When we struggle, we encourage each other. When we feel like quitting, we push each other to get in those last few reps. Literally, I can name dozens and dozens of occasions in which I was border-line quitting and in so much pain and exhaustion I could hardly think straight, but one of my teammates yelled my name, told me to “do just 3 more!”  or yelled “you’re faster than that – i know you are!” And its in those moments that you really discover the boundaries (or lack thereof) of your strength and capability. I am absolutely certain that Nicole & the rest of the team have made a huge difference both in propelling my fitness level to an all time high but also in boosting my confidence to push through difficult moments – fitness-related or not.  Here’s a photo of some of our group post-sweat:


Once again, time to plan out my weekly workouts and get pumped for everything I plan to accomplish in the next 7 days. And this week looks especially exciting:

Monday: Sprint intervals & ab routine

Tuesday: Nicole Sturtze Fitness

Wednesday: Morning: interval run before work. Afternoon: arms, back & abs

Thursday: Nicole Sturtze Fitness

Friday: Morning interval run before work. Skipping my afternoon lifting because I’m headed out of town for the holiday weekend!