April 30

Health On The Go: A Traveler’s Guide

Travel: what some might call a progress-buster when it comes to fitness and wellness.  Whether its vacation or a business trip, the constant dining out, absence of adequate exercise space and the exhaustion of being on the go can really do a number on your routine and goals. I travel several times a month for both work and play and have had to get creative about how to maintain my health while on the road.  Here’s a snapshot from my most recent trip and how I fit my routine into my schedule:

This week my business travels brought me to the very close-to-my-heart city of Austin, Texas. After moving away from south Texas 2 years ago (it’s already been that long?!?), this quick little hill country rendezvous was a delightful trip down memory lane. I had the privilege of spending my time at a gem of a resort nestled just outside of town.  Although the majority of my time was spent in meetings or catching up on email, I found little ways to sneak in workouts, healthy meals and peaceful, mind-clearing moments.

1. Exercise: Choose your hotel [wisely]

Whenever I have the freedom to choose a hotel (for both vacation & business travel), I ALWAYS make the “exercise opportunities” feature a priority in the decision. This doesn’t necessarily mean a stellar gym, as those are not always easy to come by.  It can also mean location: maybe the hotel is near a running trail or in a fun part of town that would be conducive to getting the heart pumping outdoors. Or it could also be close to a fitness studio (kettlebell class, anyone?!) or a regular-old-gym. I love trying new studios and gyms – the variety in equipment or a taking a new class from an unfamiliar instructor shakes things up for me and makes the experience of working out more playful and adventurous. Fortunately for me, this Austin trip featured an AWESOME gym (photo below) plus several winding running paths along the adjacent river. Whatever you choose, set yourself up for success! If exercise will feel like an inconvenience when you’re there, you probably won’t do it.photo12. Food: Treat yourself [responsibly]

My favorite way to discover new places is through the local cuisine. However, I’m always careful to seek balance when it comes to what I eat while I travel. I make sure the majority of my meals are on track with what I would be eating if I were at home (lean, clean & green!) but I also make sure I get to savor something rich, local & delicious each day. Even better way to splurge: sharing! My husband will tell you I’m notorious for eating off his plate. All it takes is a couple bites and I’m good to go. Again, this Austin trip rocks because the resort offers special “StayFit” options that are not only lean and clean but also locally grown and organic. Yesterday I opted for the “build your own salad” option: local organic greens, avocado, edamame, tomatoes, cucumbers, blue cheese crumbles and organic cage-free chicken:

photoBreakfast this morning was even better! Egg white omelette with Texas goat cheese, roasted red pepper, roasted tomatoes and a side of nonfat plain greek yogurt with house granola and fruit. YUM!photo33. Relax: Find moments of peace

My #1 tip for travel health: make time and space to enjoy where you are! Even if you’re away on business, take an early morning walk to soak up your surroundings or get creative with your workspace. I avoid working in my hotel room at all costs. This trip? Took my email outside to this beauty of an “office”:photo2Do whatever makes you feel at peace, comfortable and blessed to be alive in that precise moment. The Texas wildflowers remind me to soak up every snippet of beauty before I head back home.photo4