April 25

Sunkissed Abs Routine

Summer is right around the corner! Or if you live in Florida like I do, it’s already arrived. The “Sunkissed Abs” routine from the ladies at Tone It Up is a fun grouping of some great sculpting moves. I’m currently participating in their Bikini Series challenge – a free 8-week program that plans out your workout everyday along with recipes, motivation etc. Interested? Sign up!  It just started on Tuesday this week so there’s plenty of time to join.  Don’t forget to take your “before” photo & measurements because if you follow the plan, you’ll definitely see results worth comparing.

Back to the workout: yesterday the TIU girls assigned the Sunkissed Abs routine. I usually do it 2-3 times through depending on how I’m feeling. Give it a try for one set and see what you think!


For a PDF version of the workout and a video, visit ToneItUp.com

My post-workout ab check-in: I think it’s working! (Pardon my grumpy face – it was an EARLY morning!) 🙂photo5