April 23

Boston Memorial Run

Last night, Tampa’s running community organized a grassroots 5K in honor of the victims of the Boston Marathon tragedy one week ago. The news about the 5K spread like wild fire on social media – for me, this was one time that it paid to be a Facebook addict! I was invited to the event online at 3:00pm, raced home after work and made it to the starting line by 6:15pm.

Dozens of runners donning Red Sox hats and “4.15.13 Remember Boston” shirts gathered outside of Hyde Park’s FitNiche in support. Here’s a shot from my view of the starting line


The best pre-run moment for me was reuniting with one of our dear friends, Scott, who not only ran the Boston Marathon this year, but was just seconds from the blast. Our little fitness family (me, Rich, Scott, Scott’s son & Maria) huddled in for a big group hug pre-run:

20814_726172303014_250706857_nThe first mile of the run was held in absolute silence to honor and remember those who lost their lives one week ago. Let me tell you, running in silent solidarity with a few hundred runners (guess?!) through the streets of South Tampa was nothing short of transcendent. Silence has an incredible influence on the mind and heart-strings. While the physical run may have only lasted 24min, the impact it left on me lingers. I am beyond proud to be a part of this community!