6,000 minutes

I received a fun little surprise last night when I got home from my Tuesday workout with Nicole Sturtze Fitness (link love! Check her out!)

You’ll never guess the giver of my surprise. Nope, not my husband. Not my BFF. Not even a human for that matter! The gift-giver of the day: MY WATCH!

You see, for Christmas this year, my husband got me this fabulous little gadget that has become my new favorite workout buddy: the Polar RCX3

440Its a watch, a heart monitor, a GPS device (for those long runs) and keeps track of all sorts of little fitness facts for me.  For example, its customized to my age, height & weight so it can calculate my precise heart rate zones, alert me when I’m in each zone (or when I’m slacking!), the amount of calories I burn each session based on my exact BMI, and the list goes on and on.

Now back to the surprise. I got home and was taking off my watch & gear from my workout when my little R2D2 of sorts alerted me to the following: I had officially recorded 100 hrs of sweat sessions since I first started using it on Jan. 1!  Being April 9, that means in 101 days, I’ve logged 100 hours (or just under an average of an hour a day) of hard core, body pumping exercise. Cool, right?! That’s 6,000 minutes of boot camp, weight lifting, half marathon training and likely a few dancing-in-my-living-room sessions.

Sure, it’s kinda silly, but it’s fun to know I’ve got my RCX3 lookin’ out for me and keepin’ me honest!